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George Hammer

George Hammer

Global Head of Marketing / Tripadvisor

George Hammer, Chief Content Officer of IBM, is a marketing leader at the intersection of data and creativity. George's mission is to unite brands and audiences with content that builds relationships and drives action. George leads a team of over 700 across Business Units, in the production studio and at CHQ. Prior to joining IBM, George was the SVP of Content at Digitas where he oversaw campaigns for clients such as Accenture, HP, GE, LEGO and American Express. He also worked at Discovery Channel where he led the brand's content efforts for its digital channels. He spent the earlier part of his career launching a new media startup and working in agencies / consulting. George is an undergraduate of Indiana University where he received his B.S., from the Kelley School of Business, and a graduate of the University of a Chicago where he received his MBA. Something personal and not corny... George spent 8 years in the improv circuit in Chicago performing regularly at venues like Second City. When he finds time, he runs, mostly from his household chores, to play with his kids and Labrador retriever.